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Study Worship Online. Music Ministry Training. Theological Study. Spiritual Formation.

Students will study all aspects of worship leading through a unique 12 month online curriculum covering music theory and performance, leadership, theology, discipleship, ministry practice, contemplative spirituality, technology in the church, pastoral care, volunteer & event management and more. Worshipers of God become effective worship leaders when they develop their ability to lead themselves, their teams and their congregations with confidence, humility and spiritual authority.

Worship is our all of life response to a God who has given everything to us!

Stu CameronLead Minister, Newlife Church

Graduates of the Worship Academy

receive a Diploma of Christian Ministry & Theology

through our RTO Missional Pathways. (RTO 45384)

The Worship Academy is a discipleship / training program offering leaders the unique opportunity to study worship online, combining leadership mentoring, formal online study alongside ministry practice in your local church. In addition to online study, students attend two, one-week intensives scheduled on the Gold Coast in February and September. The online curriculum and course intensives are specifically designed to help Worship Leaders from local churches develop their ability to lead vibrant, contemporary worship expressions in the local church, whilst strengthening their spiritual, theological and musical foundations.

We believe those who lead worship in their local churches need to be Christ-centred, theologically minded, pastorally hearted, spiritually disciplined and musically skilled leaders at a personal, team and congregational level. Our desire is to develop graduates to this end.

Worship Academy students will combine online study with weekly application in their local church over one year to complete the course.

In many cases, students wishing to pursue formal training in Worship Ministry or develop their skills as Worship Leaders have had to leave their local church or study outside their denominational context. We want to train you where you are, and welcome students from all denominations and Christian traditions. We encourage students to explore the theology and practice of Worship within your local Christian faith community.

We also believe the Worship Academy can offer an exciting new option for those from mainline traditions wanting to explore and develop a contemporary worship expression in your local church but just don’t know where to begin.

In many churches, the modern Worship Leader is an individual who has been plucked from their congregation because of their musical ability, yet often has little leadership experience, biblical knowledge or spiritual maturity. The result is a worship ministry which although musically competent, can be spiritually and pastorally negligent. We want to help raise the bar.

Craig HindmanDirector, Worship Academy
Music Resources from Newlife Worship

Students of the Worship Academy will:

  • Study a nationally accredited Diploma of Christian Ministry & Theology (RTO 45384)
  • Develop the spiritual disciplines essential for effective worship ministry
  • Grow and nurture their personal worship of God as the foundation for all other expressions of worship
  • Learn the essential skills required to lead worship teams and congregations in engaging, contemporary worship experiences
  • Learn how to sensitively and effectively transition traditional worship services into vibrant, contemporary, multi-generational worship services
  • Engage in intentional, weekly discipleship and mentoring relationships
  • Attend two, one week intensives at Newlife Church on the Gold Coast, Australia.
  • Apply what they are learning to their local church context

Graduates of the Worship Academy will:

  • Be awarded a Diploma of Christian Ministry & Theology (RTO 45384).
  • Be able to more confidently and effectively lead congregations in engaging, God-honouring and Holy Spirit led worship experiences
  • Be able to more confidently and effectively lead and develop healthy worship teams both spiritually and musically
  • Be equipped to aid in the transition from traditional worship experiences to contemporary, multi-generational worship experiences
  • Have established strong spiritual disciplines, mentoring relationships and accountability frameworks
  • Understand the implementation and use of technology to assist in contemporary expressions of worship

Songwriting & Production

Songwriting for the worship leader is the joy of marrying artistic expression with theological insight and personal devotion. We encourage students to develop their skills in songwriting for personal devotion as well as corporate declaration.


Total Course Fees

  • $750.00 Up Front enrolment fee
  • $125 paid weekly over 40 weeks

Additional Costs:

  • Travel to and from the Gold Coast for two, one-week intensives
  • Allow for Food and Entertainment during your stay


The Diploma of Christian Ministry & Theology is not covered by VET FEE-HELP.

The course does qualify as full-time study and as a result you may be eligible for Austudy or Centrelink benefits. Please check eligibility at My.Gov.Au.

Some denominational bodies at a state or national level do have scholarships available for personal development and tertiary study. You may wish to contact the offices of your denomination to explore this option further.

Other Financial Support Options

Students may consider approaching their local church council, board or eldership to request financial support. Students will be required to contribute a minimum of 10-12 hours per week in practical ministry placement as part of their course assessment. As a result, churches are often happy to contribute financially to the student’s development as a leader in their church.

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The Diploma course comprises ten units in total. Six units cover aspects of theological study and ministry application. Three units cover aspects of music theory, music performance, music history and music technology. One final unit covers volunteer recruitment and event management. These units are studied via the course subjects listed below.

Scripture & Theology

Develop the foundational biblical knowledge and theological framework that is essential to lead God-honouring worship in the church. Learn how to anchor your worship in biblical truth and understand the WHY of worship.

Spiritual Health

Nurturing your personal and private heart for worship is the most important first step in preparing to lead others in worship. This area focuses on maintaining and protecting your spiritual health through spiritual disciplines and mutual accountability.

The Art of Worship Leading

Learn and develop the essential skills needed to effectively lead teams & congregations, recruit and develop team members, choose and arrange music for your worship context as well as planning and executing events effectively.

Contemporary Worship & The Church

Understand the unique challenges of introducing contemporary worship expressions in traditional church contexts. Leading change, contemporary worship in the western church, current trends in worship expression in contemporary churches, embracing tradition in a contemporary context and more.

Professional Development

Develop your skills in a variety of areas to enhance your leadership in the local church context. Learn music theory, embrace technology in worship, train your ear, develop better competency on your instrument or voice, explore songwriting and upskill through special interest masterclasses throughout the year.

Discipleship & Pastoral Care

Healthy relationships are critical to the role of worship leading. Investing in your own discipleship and mentoring relationships as well as in the lives of others is a primary focus of worship ministry. Your spiritual pulse will affect your team, and your team’s spiritual pulse will affect your congregation.

Worship Ministry Practice

Serve as part of the Newlife worship team or in your local church context, applying the skills and knowledge you are learning throughout the year. Lead weekend services, midweek chapel services, missional outreach opportunities, conferences, special events and projects. Developing practical competency is at the heart of the Worship Academy’s objective.

Volunteer & Event Management

Develop your skills in a variety of areas to enhance your leadership in the local church context. Learn music theory, embrace technology in worship, train your ear, develop better competency on your instrument or voice, explore songwriting and upskill through special interest masterclasses throughout the year.

Mentoring & Small Groups

We want to encourage both local mentoring relationships within your local church community as well as establish regular online catchups with other worship leaders and fellow students. Your engagement in these forums will be a part of your overall assessment.

Apply now for our next intake

Applications for our Feb 2019 intake have now closed. Applications received from this point will be considered for our next intake in Feb 2020.

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