I don’t know about you, but when I think of a leader I want someone I can trust. Yes, they need to inspire and motivate me, manage the institution to which I belong, be adept at team building, but most of all they need to instil a confidence that enables me to trust them. I want to trust that my church leader has a God-given vision and possesses the integrity and humility needed to see it come to pass.

I can trust a leader who is Christ-like. This doesn’t mean pretensions of holiness but a real relationship with Christ that enables the leader to move forward in the call of God, empowered by the Holy Spirit. I’m looking for authenticity—strong but real—even Jesus cried. I can trust someone who prays for God’s agenda rather than their own. This leader is focussed on the vision of extending God’s kingdom while remaining servant hearted, compassionate, but also able to rebuke if needed.

If you are a leader or are aspiring to leadership, I know this sounds challenging, but our course Introduction to Christian Leadership, examines the nature of leadership and vision, can help provide an effective foundation for those interested in this topic.

The 6 R’s a Leader Can Use to Encourage Themselves

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The 6 R's a Leader Can Use to Encourage Themselves Everyone loves encouragement. How nice it is when someone sees you do something and seeks to cheer you on or affirm what you have done. Much of what a leader does, however, is behind-the-scenes work which no one really sees. Because of…

9 Questions Every Leader Should Take Seriously

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I’ve found there are nine questions every leader needs to take seriously if they are going to successfully steward the leadership with which they have been entrusted. The following are questions which I’ve trialled with different audiences and modified along the way. The greatest leaders point to something greater than…

Christian Formation in a Contemporary Context 

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Christian Formation in a Contemporary Context  When I was a child believing in God was the norm, with most people identifying as Christian—even if only nominally. Parents sent their children to Sunday school and scripture classes, with only a handful of dissenting individuals being relegated to the non-scripture room.  Back…
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