Meet Our Team

We hope you will be inspired to engage in a
deeper knowledge and understanding of
scripture, theology and ministry

A pathway to part time
or full time ministry

Newlife College is a ministry of Newlife Uniting Church on the Gold Coast, providing theological education for those looking to study ministry and biblical theology – as a pathway to part time or full time ministry or for personal growth and development.

We provide a variety of study options and topics in undergraduate and postgraduate courses through our relationships with Adelaide College of Divinity and Uniting College for Leadership & Theology (a constituent member college of the Adelaide College of Divinity).

We hope you will be inspired to engage in a deeper knowledge and understanding of scripture, theology and ministry – expanding the way you connect with God and with others in your work, friendships and life.

Tracey Hickey
Executive Officer | Newlife College

Stu Cameron

Lead Minister, Newlife Church

Stu was visionary in establishing a partnership agreement with Adelaide College of Divinity and fostered close links with UCLT. Stu saw the opportunity to combine quality teaching with the vision, passion and experience of leaders within the Newlife community. Stu’s vision to develop missional leaders was contagious – and so the Education Committee was formed. The vision that was birthed eight years prior, reached it’s fulfilment with the Memorandum of Understanding between Adelaide College of Divinity, UCLT and Newlife College being formalised at the end of 2014.

Brenden Burgess

College Lecturer

Brenden has over 20 years of practical and academic ministry experience. He desires to see leaders know and love God and adopt a theologically responsible approach to their ministry practice. Brenden holds his Masters in Theology.

Craig Hindman

Worship Academy

Craig is the Creative Arts Pastor at Newlife Church and has been in the position since 2010. His experience as a professional musician, producer, engineer, designer, marketer and worship leader has supported the leadership at Newlife in its desire to be a truly contemporary, multigenerational church that is impacting the Gold Coast and the wider church. Craig leads our Worship Academy, training the next generation of pastoral, theologically minded worship leaders and is currently studying a Masters in Ministry and Theology through Fuller Theological Seminary.

Ralph Mayhew

College Lecturer

Ralph has 20 years experience in ministry and actively equips, encourages and challenges emerging and seasoned leaders alike to lead with increasing excellence. He holds his Bachelor in Theology and an Advanced Diploma in Ministry and has recently completed a Masters in Christian Leadership. Ralph is an experienced communicator and his infuses passion and knowledge into the courses he lectures.