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The workplace is changing—the days when a person worked for life in a particular occupation are fast disappearing. Old industrial era conventions are being re-evaluated and redefined as knowledge, and technological prowess are coveted above that of traditional labour. For those people whose abilities lie elsewhere, there has been a proliferation of ‘making’ as people seek to find non-traditional methods of earning a living. In this evolving economic landscape, job security seems like a memory as permanent positions are replaced by contract work and outsourcing; while networking, once the domain of conferences, has now become an essential tool as workers vie for prominence. These changes in the workplace are indicative of a society in transition, as old methods of production gradually give way to a technology-based society.

The comprehensive re-evaluation of the workplace also incorporates changes in ethics that may seem unfamiliar to some workers. Adjustment to an environment with different standards, and in which constant reinvention may be required, can leave some workers struggling with a sense of identity.

Radical changes in the economic sphere mean that Christians need to revaluate the way they approach the contemporary workplace. How does a Christian respond in the context of the present system? What does being a Christian look like in an environment where people may not only be experiencing economic insecurity and stress but are searching for purpose? Our theology of vocation needs to be flexible and contextual, responding to the particular needs of a given situation. Our course Faith at Work examines the history of the modern workplace and explores ways in which Christians can be an effective witness in this changing environment.

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