University Level Diploma, Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees & Vocational Training.

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Undergraduate Courses

For those without degree qualifications.

Diploma in Ministry (School Leavers)
Diploma in Ministry (Recent Retirees)
Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry

Graduate Courses

For those who currently hold an undergraduate degree.

Graduate Certificate in Ministry
Graduate Certificate in Theology
Graduate Diploma in Ministry
Master’s Degree in Ministry

VET Courses

Open to anyone looking to study Worship Ministry whilst serving in their local church.

10434NAT Diploma of Christian Ministry & Theology (RTO 45384)

Diploma of Ministry

Complete a Diploma of Ministry in 12 months

The Diploma of Ministry course provides a foundational knowledge and skills at introductory level in the disciplines which comprise the professional field of ministry studies: Biblical Studies; Christian Education & Discipleship; Leadership; and Missiology.

Graduates of the Diploma of Ministry will have:

  • developed foundational skills in the core areas of ministry practice
  • the ability to apply skills in ministry contexts, including employed and voluntary roles
  • developed the ability to access, comprehend and evaluate information across the disciplines of ministry practice
  • developed interpersonal and teamwork skills applicable to a range of ministry practice contexts
  • begun to develop skills which foster self-directed lifelong learning
  • have developed at least one area of specialisation within the disciplines of ministry practice, and the ability to apply that knowledge to ministry contexts
  • be responsible and accountable for their exercise of ministry practice
  • have foundational skills in leadership in the context of ministry practice

Students who complete the Diploma of Ministry will gain one year of credit towards a Bachelor of Ministry.

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Bachelor of Ministry

Take your ministry practice to the next level

The Bachelor of Ministry equips Christian leaders to be competent in establishing, developing, transforming and growing healthy communities and networks.

The course provides opportunity to people who are interested in the study of Christian ministry in contemporary society, whether this leads to a Christian ministry role or to personal enrichment and leadership development for other fields of endeavour. It is open to people of any, or no, denominational background.

The Bachelor of Ministry is designed to provide a strong foundation across the full range of theological disciplines that underpin contemporary ministry leadership – biblical studies, Christian education and discipleship, Christian leadership and missiology – with the ability to specialise in two of these areas (major studies).

Graduates of the Bachelor of Ministry will have:

  • be able to initiate, plan, problem solve and implement decisions in a leadership role in a range of ministry contexts
  • have the appropriate knowledge and skills to make independent judgements in a range of leadership contexts
  • be able to identify and apply innovative approaches and solutions to issues arising in ministry practice
  • understand the dynamics of healthy interpersonal relationships, and be able to generate appropriate trust have skills and capacities to be a reflective practitioner.

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