Worship Academy

Newlife College Worship Academy exists to train, disciple and prepare worship leaders to lead vibrant, passionate and transforming worship ministry in the local church. This one year intern program is designed to give young worship leaders between the ages of 18-35 hands on experience in leading vibrant, contemporary worship expressions in the local church.

Teaching and training through the Worship Academy will focus on the following key areas of worship ministry.

Scripture & Theology
Develop the foundational biblical knowledge and theological framework that is essential to lead God-honouring worship in the church. Learn how to anchor your worship in biblical truth and understand the WHY of worship.

Spiritual Health & Discipline
Nurturing your personal and private heart for worship is the most important first step in preparing to lead others in worship. This area focuses on maintaining and protecting your spiritual health through spiritual disciplines and mutual accountability.

The Art of Worship Leading
Learn and develop the essential skills needed to effectively lead teams & congregations, recruit and develop team members, choose and arrange music for your worship context as well as planning and executing events effectively.

Contemporary Worship in the Church
Understand the unique challenges of introducing contemporary worship expressions in traditional church contexts. Leading change, contemporary worship in the western church, current trends in worship expression in contemporary churches, embracing tradition in a contemporary context and more.

Discipleship & Pastoral Care
Learn how to pastor & care for others. Healthy relationships are critical to the role of worship leading. Investing in your own discipleship and mentoring relationships as well as in the lives of others is a primary focus of worship ministry. Your spiritual pulse will affect your team, and your team’s spiritual pulse will affect your congregation. Here we focus on developing and encouraging those you lead.

Worship Ministry Practice
Serve a minimum of 8 hours per week as part of the Newlife worship team or in your local church context, applying the skills and knowledge you are learning throughout the year. Students will also have the opportunity to serve and lead in weekend services, midweek chapel services, missional outreach, conferences, special events and projects throughout the year. Developing practical competency is at the heart of the Worship Academy’s objective.

Ministry-focussed Field Trips
Throughout the year, students will attend selected conferences, events and seminars that champion and support Worship Ministry and Leadership in the local church.

Professional Development
Develop your skills in a variety of areas to enhance your leadership in the local church context. Explore and understand music theory, embrace technology in worship, train your ear, develop competency on your instrument or voice, develop your songwriting and upskill through special interest masterclasses throughout the year.