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Diploma of Ministry

Complete a Diploma in 12 months

We currently offer six face-to-face Study Options and two Intensives at Newlife College. If you would like to complete a Diploma in 12 months, other units can be taken as distance learning subjects completing the 8 units required for the Diploma in Ministry.

The Diploma of Ministry course provides a foundational knowledge and skills at introductory level in the disciplines which comprise the professional field of ministry studies: Biblical Studies; Christian Education & Discipleship; Leadership; and Missiology.

Students who complete the Diploma of Ministry will gain one year of credit towards a Bachelor of Ministry.

Graduates of the Diploma of Ministry will have:

  • developed foundational skills in the core areas of ministry practice
  • the ability to apply skills in ministry contexts, including employed and voluntary roles
  • developed the ability to access, comprehend and evaluate information across the disciplines of ministry practice
  • developed interpersonal and teamwork skills applicable to a range of ministry practice contexts
  • begun to develop skills which foster self-directed lifelong learning
  • have developed at least one area of specialisation within the disciplines of ministry practice, and the ability to apply that knowledge to ministry contexts
  • be responsible and accountable for their exercise of ministry practice
  • have foundational skills in leadership in the context of ministry practice

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