Apply for College


Step 1: Course of Study
Choose the course that you would like to study and determine whether you meet the entry requirements. Some courses require additional forms and documentation to be submitted with the Application Form. If you would like to discuss your application, please do not hesitate to contact our campus coordinator on 0413 343 404 or email


Step 2: Complete an Application Form
The online application form can be found below. Please click on the following link to begin your application process. When your application is approved, you will be sent an enrolment form or guided to a page where you can enrol and choose subjects.

Online Application Form for new students


STEP 3: Documentation
All supporting documentation must be included with the Application Form. You must provide documentary evidence of prior qualifications with your completed admission form, due in early February or early July for mid year intake each year.


Step 4: Enrol in classes
Adelaide College of Divinity will contact you directly regarding your application. On acceptance of
admission you may select the units you would like to enrol in and submit an Enrolment Form.

Online Enrolment Form


Step 5. Access ACD online
Once you have received notice of your enrolment you will have access to ACD On-line, and shortly
before the start of the subject/unit you will have access through ACD On-line to the unit(s) you are



Step 1: Enrol in classes
If your application has already been approved and you are continuing as a current student, you only need to enrol for the next semester online through the online enrolment form. On this form you can choose your subjects and arrange for payment.

Online Enrolment Form


Step 2. OPTIONAL. Need to make changes?
If you need to change from one course to another, to defer from a course, withdraw from a unit or withdraw from a course, please do so on the Change of Enrolment form.

Change of Enrolment Form


FEE Help
Should you wish to use the FEE help option, you must indicate this on your online application form by
checking the appropriate box. Once your application is approved, ACD will contact the Government to
inform them of your enrolment as a student. The government will then contact you with an electron
FEE-Help form for you to fill in and return to the government.


Audit Students

To enrol in a class not-for-credit please submit the following online enrolment form.

Audit Enrolment Form

Student Downloads

We have the Student Handbook, latest timetable and application forms all available to download.

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